Monday, 6 February 2012

#200: Many Good Things

200 entries seem like a good place for a blog hiatus, especially since I am frantically packing in preparation for Wednesday’s departure for New Zealand.

Since my Down Under adventures cannot help but fall into the category of Good (even great) Things, a travel blog with more pictures than text seems sensible for the next six weeks.  I will not feel obliged to post daily entries, but I hope to drop in occasionally with updates on   The Reluctant Retiree Abroad.

When I return later in March, I'll get back to the business of contemplating the vagaries of ordinary, workaday (not travel adventure) retirement, but right now I have go and count hiking socks.... 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

#199: 52 Ways

At the end of my Friday shift  as an “emergency librarian”, I noticed a new book on display:  52 Ways to Wreck Your Retirement

Yikes.  Who knew? 

Driving home, I puzzled about possible retirement screw-ups.  I couldn’t think of even ONE.  Since I am working so hard at living a “good” retirement, you would think I might have some idea of the pitfalls.

What could they be?  Moving in with your children?  Watching TV 24/7 and buying multiple Slap-Chops?  Blowing your entire retirement budget on a 6-month round the world cruise?

I’m so curious, but I can't read the list until I get back from holidays (only 6 weeks and no cruising involved).

And in the meantime, I’ll have to try hard not to wreck anything.... 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

#198: Snowbirds

The great migration is underway

Retirees all over Canada are escaping the long, gray northern winter,  which, this year, is proving to be unseasonably warm. Never mind.  The snowbirds are still heading to the sunny south and many will not be back until Easter.  

This year, I will be one of them, enjoying 6 weeks of summer in the southern hemisphere.  It will be a fabulous holiday, but I hope I don’t love it too much because I can’t afford this sort of getaway every year. But at least I am able to go on the occasional winter holiday.  Many retirees cannot.

I feel sorry for those left behind, but I think they should take advantage of our absence.  Energetic retired folk could establish Snowbird Services --  snow shovelling, plant watering, pet sitting, mail collection, etc.   These winter stay-at-homes could make a bundle looking after our stuff while we are all in balmier climes.  And then come spring when we are back in town, they can head out on a well-deserved holiday.  April in Paris?  That sounds alright.

There’s a good thought for next winter.

Friday, 3 February 2012

#197: Retirement Overload

As I plan tomorrow’s activities, it occurs to me that I have too damn much to do!  I need to retire from retirement.

But it could be worse.  I could have nothing to do, and then I would feel really stressed.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

#196: Sew Good

I’m almost finished a sewing project and I’m happy to report that in spite of an imperfect zipper, and a hem that refuses to cooperate, it has been going quite well.

In spite of the minor glitches, and the fact that I haven’t sewn for a year (and had to reintroduce myself to Mr. Singer) I have managed to limit my frustration to a bit of teeth gnashing and subdued muttering.  In other words, I have coped with these challenges like a grown up. 

It was not always so, and my husband was the one who pointed it out.  He came into the dining room where I had colonized the table top with my sewing supplies, and asked “How come you’re not swearing?  Aren’t you supposed to be throwing scissors right about now?”  He knows me as an “emotional” sewer.  He remembers his pregnant wife, the sewing induced temper tantrum, and the subsequent drive to the maternity hospital.

But not today. 

Is this competent, adult behaviour the result of my having time to proceed slowly and deliberately, and even take a break when the sewing gets tough?  Perhaps I am becoming a bit more sanguine and more forgiving of myself as an older seamstress?  (This is all sounding like a page from Jane Fonda if she wrote about sewing.)

I think it also helps to have a really easy pattern.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

#195: I Heart Canvassing

It is February 1st.  Heart and Stroke Month.

Wow.  That was fast.  It seems only yesterday that I agreed to canvass on behalf of this cause.

At the time I said yes I was sure that the worst aspect of the task would be the weather.  I imagined myself in my parka and big boots, wrapped in scarves and wearing mittens over fingerless gloves—the better to write out receipts to those who would give donations just because they felt sorry for the poor frozen woman on their door step.


I guess that won’t work seeing that it is well above zero and the snow has melted entirely. 

Darn.  No one will feel sorry for me now.

But wait..........It could very well rain in the next few days!

That should do it.  The miserable wet canvasser on the door-step and a compelling cause could be the winning combination I need.  And fingerless gloves clutched around my umbrella will be nice touch.